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About Us

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About Us

The programmes of YOCAD are in the areas of development of economic opportunities focusing on self employment and behavior change. The five year project plan is planned to mainstream Youth activities into self-owned benefit initiatives through self applied economic activities.

The election periods that have previously witnessed majority of Youth destroying property and lives has gained prime attention in this document. It is set in a way that every General election will meet the Youth busy in their economic activities thus they will employ the need to protect their activities by not spilling into the streets for damage property and lives, as previously witnessed.


YOCAD has embraced the conventional role of a Board. This Board is comprised of seven experienced and committed people. Their main task is to provide the YOCAD with fundraising activities, strategic direction and policy guide. It has 6 members of staff in its management team. They comprise the Director, program coordinator, two program officers, an accountant and an office secretary. More personnel will be continually recruited as the program spreads.

The Governance and Management Setup has 6 Levels

  1. Advisory Board:- Contains 5 members
  2. Board of Governors which consists of 11 members.
  3. Executive Director and Management team which has 7 members
  4. Regional Program Officers which consists of 8 members
  5. County Program Officers (47 in Number)
  6. Local Project Assistants

Governance and Management Team

Advisory Board

  • Eminent Persons
  • Local Corporates
  • International Corporates
  • Multinational Corporates

Executive Director and Management team which has 7 members

  • Executive Director
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • International Corporates
  • Administration/Finance
  • Head of Communication
  • Head of Secretariat/Youth Affairs
  • Legal Affairs
  • Publicity and Exernal Relations