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Youth Capacity Development International (YOCAD) is a local NGO established in 2008 for enhancement of the living standards of the Youth, through capacity development in the areas of sustainable economic and behavior change.

This will involve application of appropriate technologies and acquired skills by the Youth in identified economic opportunities.

Training in Financial Management

Development concentrates on basic capacities like accounting of petty cash, bank savings, budgeting, investment..

Youth Education Program

Our Programs are diverse and offers courses for youths with a practical edge.

Digital Villages

Plans to establish ICT resource centers in urban and rural areas for information are underway.

Mandates and Focus of YOCAD

The programmes of YOCAD are in the areas of development of economic opportunities focusing on self employment and positive behavior change. The five year project plan is planned to mainstream Youth activities into self-owned benefit initiatives through self applied economic activities.

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Information Communication Technology

The proliferation of radio and TV stations witnessed in the country in the recent past has not translated in commensurate information targeted at the Youth. Little impact has been registered in terms of economic rewards or behavior change to the Youth.

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Discussion Board

  • Employment in Kenya
  • FGD
  • Entrepreneurship


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